Chester Township
1 Parker Road
Chester, New Jersey 07930

All Chester Township residents are urged to sign up online for the Everbridge Emergency Notification System, currently in use county-wide by Morris County, NJ. This is an emergency alert system, similar to the Honeywell system used by the Chester School District, which allows you to sign up to have emergency information sent to you by home phone, cell phone, text, and/or email, according to your specifications. It is so important for our local office of Emergency Management to be able to reach all residents in the event of an emergency, be it weather-related, a natural disaster, chemical spill, or should a lock-down situation be required. Please click below to set up your profile as soon as possible. Let’s all be ready to take on the coming winter together proactively.

Click here to sign up for the

Everbridge Emergency Notification System.

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