Chester Township
1 Parker Road
Chester, New Jersey 07930


The Zoning Division of the department is responsible for the implementation and enforcement the Township’s land use, zoning and property maintenance regulations. The Zoning official review permit applications for new construction, new tenants, additions, accessory structures, pools, signage, walls and fences to assure compliance with all relevant ordinances. The Zoning Official is also responsible to the issuance of Highlands Exemptions, as the Township is located with in the Highlands Council’s jurisdiction and subject the the provisions of the Highlands Act. Suspected code or ordinance violations can be reported to the division, which makes it a priority to resolve all such matters in a timely & efficient manner.

Online Zoning Mapper

Permit and Exemption Applications

  1. Zoning Permit
  2. Highlands Exemption Application Full
  3. Highlands Exemption #5 Certification

Zoning Ordinance Information and Schedules

  1. Permitted Uses in the R-1, R-2, R-3, R-5 and R-10 Zones
  2. Permitted Uses in the B- Business Zone
  3. Permitted Uses in the LB- Limited Business Zone
  4. Permitted Uses in the PO/R- Professional Office/ Residential Zone
  5. Permitted Uses in the WR- Woodland Residential Zone
  6. Permitted Uses in the RC- Residential Cluster Zone
  7. Schedule for Conditionally Permitted Uses
  8. Schedule of Area and Bulk Requirements

Report a Suspected Zoning Violation

  1. Zoning Violation Complaint Form