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Traditionally, humans have stayed connected to each other and to the world through visits, letters, phone calls, newspapers, and television. Now, the world is changing at an exponential pace. Traditional means of staying connected offer the benefits of meaningful, in-depth exchanges. However, staying connected to our local and global communities is now at our fingertips all the time because of advances in technology, and staying connected is a smart idea. Cell phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops…digital devices are all around us these days. They offer people of all ages the chance to have dynamic, multi-person, interactive conversations, and share information instantaneously, with a global reach.

Some are reluctant to value this form of communication; they are hesitant to get involved, thinking it’s just a passing fad.  It is important to recognize that electronic communications are here to stay. While the individual platforms might change over the years, as a whole, they have great communicative value. If we want to stay connected to our communities, it is in our best interest to learn to use these new tools as they develop. It’s an ideal way, for example, to get information out instantaneously in an emergency.

Chester Township has been reaching out to residents regularly through electronic communications. We have an electronic newsletter that we email out a few times per year, a Recreation newsletter that is emailed out to people once or twice per month, a Facebook page with news posted daily, and a Twitter account used by the Chester Township Police and Emergency Management (OEM) to disseminate emergency information as the need arises. We also have this brand new website, easily accessed by computer, tablet, or smart phone. We encourage all residents to sign up for these tools in order to stay connected to what’s going on in our community.

Be sure to sign up for our e-newsletters! Visit our website to sign up:, send an email to:, or call Mary at (908) 879-5100 x812 to submit your email address for the electronic newsletters. Visit ‘Chester Township New Jersey’ on Facebook and ‘Like’ our page to follow our posts, and follow @ChesterTownship on Twitter to receive tweets from the Chester Township Police Department and OEM. Other groups to follow:

Morris County Office of Emergency Management


New Jersey Office of Emergency Management

US National Weather Service Philadelphia Mount Holly

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