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Governor Murphy’s Executive Order #133 of April 29, 2020 calls for the reopening of State and County parks at dawn on Saturday, May 2. However, there are some restrictions that all users should abide by (see below).

The order recommends that people wear a cloth face covering while in public settings at the parks and forests where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

Residents, please remember that it’s in our hands to keep these parks open by not overcrowding and by maintaining social distancing. Let’s do our best to abide by these recommendations so that the parks can stay open for us all.

As always, Chester Township’s municipal parks are open for public use with similar restrictions. Practice social distancing, leash and clean up after your dog, and respect private property by staying on the trails. Find lesser known trails at and download the Avenza app to help you find your way.

Details from the Executive Order:

  1. All State Parks and Forests shall open to the public to
    engage in the following passive recreational activities in which
    social distancing can be readily achieved:
    a. Fishing;
    b. Hunting;
    c. Boating;
    d. Canoeing;
    e. Hiking;
    f. Walking;
    g. Running or jogging;
    h. Biking;
    i. Birding; and
    j. Horseback riding.
  2. The following shall remain closed to the public at all
    State Parks and Forests:
    a. Picnic areas;
    b. Playgrounds;
    c. Exercise stations and equipment;
    d. Chartered watercraft services and rentals;
    e. Swimming;
    f. Pavilions;
    g. Restrooms; and
    h. Other buildings or facilities, including, but not
    limited to, visitor centers, interpretive centers,
    and interior historical sites.
  3. The following recommendations and policies shall apply to
    all State Parks and Forests:
    a. Employees and visitors should wear cloth face
    coverings while in the State Park or Forest in all
    settings where other social distancing measures are
    difficult to maintain, except where doing so would
    inhibit that individual’s health or where the
    individual is under two years of age;
    b. Available parking must be limited at all State Parks
    and Forests at 50% of the maximum capacity at one
    time, and visitors shall be prohibited from parking
    in undesignated areas, including in roadways and
    other undesignated areas;
    c. No picnicking shall be allowed, including on picnic
    blankets in signed picnic areas, and no picnic
    blankets, chairs, coolers, and other such personal
    property shall be carried into any State Parks and
    d. Consistent with Paragraph 3 of Executive Order No.
    107 (2020), visitors must practice social distancing
    and stay six feet apart whenever practicable,
    excluding immediate family members, caretakers,
    household members, or romantic partners;
    e. No organized or contact activities or sports shall be
    allowed; and
    f. Consistent with Paragraph 5 of Executive Order No.
    107 (2020), gatherings of individuals, including in
    parks, are prohibited.

Read the Governor’s press release here.

Read the entire Executive Order here.

Morris County park use information can be found here.

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