Chester Township
1 Parker Road
Chester, New Jersey 07930

From the Desk of Chief Thomas Williver, March 30, 2020

We are now on Day 15 of Flattening the Curve for Covid-19 and I have to say that your actions of maintaining social distancing and staying home unless you need to shop or get some exercise have helped out our community. It is imperative to me that we keep our Police, Fire, and EMS personnel healthy so that they can be there to serve you.

Our officers are still out patrolling the streets and even though we have temporarily changed how we communicate with you we are only a phone call away. Citizens can report certain offenses and crimes online by following this link:…/chest…/contact-chester-twp-pd/ or by calling 908-879-5514 Option 0 and speaking with a communications officer.

Our town parks are open for passive recreation even though the athletic fields and playground at Chubb Park are closed. Check out for other alternatives for passive recreation. Gatherings of 10 people or less are still permitted. Just remember to follow social distancing guidelines.

If you do feel that you do have symptoms of Covid-19 you can now get tested at the County College of Morris provided that you have a prescription from your doctor and make an appointment. For more information please go to…/morris-county-covid-19-patien…/

These are certainly challenging and unprecedented times, however, we are Americans and we know how to adapt, improvise and overcome life’s hurdles. Now more than ever you should be checking on your neighbors both young and old to see if they need anything. Please be patient with each other when you are out and about because some people are just as scared and frustrated with this situation as you are.

For the most current information on Covid-19 go to

Stay safe and healthy,

Chief Thomas Williver

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