Chester Township
1 Parker Road
Chester, New Jersey 07930

Beginning on or about Monday, July 19th the following road or roads will begin to be milled and paved: East Fox Chase Rd., Cliffwood Rd., Cooper Ln., Mile Dr., Robinson Ln., Parks Ln., Francis Ln., Cora Ln., Burnett Dr., Deer Ct., Locust Ln., Rock Spring Rd.   

Please be advised that the milling operations will take several days, and paving will take several days.  It is important to note that there will be a traffic ban on all Landscape Contractors and deliveries during the milling and paving process as there will be no on-street parking.  One final note, while the anticipated start date is July 19th, weather can impact the schedule and as a result the day or days of milling and paving is subject to change.  Please check the Township’s website for updates and changes; we will post the milling and paving schedule as we get closer to the start date of July 19th.

Once again thank you for your cooperation during the construction process, and please be aware of construction personnel and vehicles.  Residents of the above listed streets will have access to their residences but may be delayed coming and going.   Please allow extra time to get to and from your residence.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 908-879-5916 or email me at

Craig Reiner, Superintendent

Department of Public Works, Chester Township

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