Chester Township
1 Parker Road
Chester, New Jersey 07930

Micro Paving will begin Tuesday, August 25th (one day later than previously announced, due to weather delays).  Please see the schedule below for what streets are being Micro Paved. 

Tuesday 8/25/20 Bird Song Ct., South Gables Dr., Meadowbrook Rd.
Wednesday 8/26/20. Stanley Pl., Craig Ln., Patrey Ct., Runyon Pl., Trout Brook Ct., Pine Ridge Ct.
Thursday 8/27/20. Wortman Way, Cricket Lane, Chesterfield Dr.

Friday 8/28/20. Chesterbrook Dr., Carlisle Ct., Deer Hill Rd.

On or about August 25, 2020 weather permitting, these streets will be Micro Paved in order to preserve and extend the surface of the street. Micro Paving is a process similar to sealing a driveway, but we use much stronger components. This process requires us to close one lane at a time for the curing process which can take up to 3 hours depending upon weather conditions. Once the lane has cured and traffic can proceed, we will close the other lane and repeat the process. All streets should be completed in one or two days.

All residents will receive a notice via a door hanger 24 hours in advance of the Micro Sealing process.

Please note: There is a ban on all landscaping and heavy truck traffic until sundown the day your street is Micro Paved thus avoiding any potential damage from occurring until the surface is fully cured the following day. Please make sure that if your road is being done on Wednesday or Friday your garbage or recycling must be out by the curb before 6 AM.

Craig Reiner, Superintendent, CPWM

Township Of Chester Department Of Public Works

Phone 908-879-5916. Fax 908-879-0059.

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