Chester Township
1 Parker Road
Chester, New Jersey 07930

Fri., 9/28  7:30 am
Reminder–Micro paving of Knollwood Terrace and Ryan Ct. has been postponed until Monday, 10/1 due to rain.
Thurs., 9/27  3:30 pm
Micro paving of Knollwood Terrace and Ryan Ct. has been postponed until Monday, 10/1 due to impending heavy rains expected tonight. Thanks for your understanding.
Thurs., 9/27  7:00 am
The DPW will be micro paving the following streets today: Barberry Row, Sugar Maple Row, and Heath Dr.  DPW personnel will be on site for the duration and assist with traffic flow.  Please use caution on these roads, and allow extra time for you commute.  Thank you for your cooperation in this project.
Weds., 9/26 9:00 am
Update on this week’s paving schedule: the contractor just cancelled for today 9/26, as the roads are too wet for them to work, in addition to a risk of incoming storms this afternoon. We will resume tomorrow if the weather permits. We apologize in advance of any inconvenience this has caused residents, and urge them to be patient, as the wet weather has made it difficult to schedule road work.
Weds., 9/26 8:00 am
Micro paving of Barberry Row, Sugar Maple Row, and Heath Drive is scheduled for today, Weds., Sept. 26th.
Weather permitting, these roads should be completed by 6pm tonight, and normal traffic should resume at that point.
A ban on large trucks, landscapers, and deliveries will be in place until dark.
Please bear with us as the weather has not been cooperating. If the weather impacts this schedule later today, check our website for any updates. Thank you.
Tues., 9/25
Red Oak Row residents will have access to their homes.  Please expect delays and plan accordingly.
The Paving schedule will be as follows: micro pave Barberry Row in its entirety, micro pave one lane of Sugar Maple Row thus allowing local traffic (residents only) to get to and from Red Oak Row. Micro paving will then move to Heath Dr. and micro paved in its entirety.  Then the contractor will come back to Sugar Maple Row and micro pave the other lane, thus allowing traffic in and out of Red Oak Row.
 Please note that their will still be a travel ban in place on heavy trucks, deliveries, and landscapers.

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