Chester Township
1 Parker Road
Chester, New Jersey 07930

In accordance with New Jersey Attorney General Directive 2021-5, the Chester Police Department is hereby providing public notice that the Chester Police Department deploys Body Worn Camera technology for use by uniformed, and at times, plainclothes officers.  This technology is invaluable to serve and protect our public as well as serving to protect our officers.  The captured video has tremendous evidentiary and training value as well as protecting the integrity and the transparency of the Chester Police Department. 

Generally, a Body Worn Camera (BWC) will be mounted in the chest area on an officer’s outer most garment.  Pictures of the device currently in use, as well as a picture depicting the usual placement on an officer’s body, are shown below.

For more information on BWC regulations, please refer New Jersey Attorney General Directive 2021-5, which can be found on the New Jersey Office of Attorney General website ( 

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