Chester Township
1 Parker Road
Chester, New Jersey 07930

From JCP&L:

Crews have been dispatched to Pleasant Hill / Hillside and are at Mile Drive. A crew has been dispatched to fix a broken crossarm that is affecting power around Rt. 24 in Chester headed towards Long Valley.

From Police Chief Williver:

Looks like a lot of progress was made last night with restoration.  Power crews were working all night on Ironia Road near number 8.  Power crews are expected back on Hillside Road this morning to complete repairs.  I asked JCP&L for some lead time if they have to shut down the circuit for Hillside Road so that we can warn our communities of another temporary outage.  I also asked him to send a crew to Spring Lake Drive at Rt. 206 to open the roadway (this damage is from Winter Storm Quinn). Phone and cable lines are across the road at Spring Lake/206 (not live wires).

The overnight patrols also went throughout town and updated our “Century Link List” for trees and communications cables which still may be down or have trees laying on them.  This list has been forwarded to our contact at Century Link.  They have advised that they will come out and address the issues.


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