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The Chester Police Department currently consists of twenty-two officers under the command of Chief Thomas Williver. The Police Department prides itself on being proactive and serving as a valuable resource and partner in bettering our community. We are dedicated to providing our officers with the best possible training to professionally and effectively serve our citizens and those requiring our assistance.

Education and training have always been and remain a hallmark of the Chester Police Department. Of the current membership, four Command level officers have completed Staff and Command Leadership Training classes. The Chief and Lieutenant possess Master’s Degrees in Leadership and Administration. All officers are trained in basic tactical response and three of our officers are members of the highly trained Morris County Rapid Deployment team. Four officers are traffic accident re-constructionists, four are certified Law Enforcement Against Drugs (L.E.A.D.– formerly D.A.R.E.) instructors, and three officers are certified Drug Recognition Experts. All officers are trained in basic First Aid including heart defibrillation and sixteen of our officers are Emergency Medical Technicians trained in advanced life support skills. In addition, we have two officers certified in Car Seat Installation.

Patrol Division – The Chester Police Department’s Patrol Division is the backbone of the Chester Police Department. They are the uniformed Officers who provide the first line of defense in public safety.  The Patrol Division is charged with the enforcement of all New Jersey State Criminal and Motor Vehicle Laws, certain Township and Borough Ordinances and the initial investigation of any complaints.

I am proud to serve you as the Chief of Police of Chester Township and Chester Borough, especially because I serve alongside these dedicated men and women of character. During your visit we invite you to view all of our pages. We also encourage your comments and interaction through our Contacts or Thank an Officer pages. We will always strive to provide the best possible service to our community and visitors.

Enjoy your visit,
Thomas Williver
Chief of Police

Command Staff  

Detective Bureau Personnel

Det./Sgt. Christopher Cavanagh: – (908) 879-5514 Ext. 853

Det. Kristen Buckley:  (908) 879-5514 Ext. 867

Det. Brian Lowry:    (908)879-5514 Ext. 864

Patrol Division:

Lieutenant Ryan McNamee –– 908-879-5514 Ext. 851

Lieutenant Ron Totams – 908-879-5514 Ext 852


Prerequisites for initial consideration are as follows:

  • Applicant must be a citizen of the United States and be a resident of New Jersey with a valid New Jersey Driver’s License.
  • Applicant must be able to speak, read and write in the English language fluently.
  • Applicant must possess current New Jersey Police Training Commission Certification as a regular fully certified officer.
  • Applicant must have obtained at least an Associate’s Degree or higher from an accredited college or university.
  • Applicant must be EMT certified or be willing to obtain that certification within the first year of their employment on their own time and at their own expense.


Do you know someone who is looking for discreet assistance for domestic violence, dating abuse or sexual assault in a safe way? The Morris Family Justice Center offers a wide variety of resources for victims of domestic violence. For more information please go to:

You must report within 10 days any accident occurring in NJ State resulting in injury to or death of any person, or damage to property of any one person in excess of five hundred dollars ($500).

To report a minor accident or hit and runs, download and complete this form.

Once completed, please mail the form to:

PO BOX 600
TRENTON, NJ 08625-0600

Access accident reports online at this link

For the past several years, the Chester Police Department has taken part in the annual Drug Enforcement Administration’s ‘Prescription Drug Take Back’ Initiative. In addition,  the Chester Police have acquired a Med Return Drug Collection Unit at the Police Department. This allows Chester Township and Chester Borough residents to anonymously dispose of unwanted medications in a safe location. Environmental safety is also important. By properly disposing of these toxic medicines we are working towards reducing our carbon footprint. This receptacle will accept prescription and over-the counter medications, which includes pills, narcotics, capsules, patches, vitamins and pet medications.  Items not to be deposited are syringes, IV bags, personal care products, inhalers or liquids.  Members of the public can deposit medications into the collection unit twenty four hours a day, seven days a week with no questions asked.  Citizens are encouraged to utilize this program which has been provided by the Morris County Prevention is Key’s effort to halt the diversion and abuse of prescription drugs.

Click below for more information about:

Residents of the Chesters can now sign up for Smart 911. With this service, regardless of whether you call from your home phone or your cell phone, first responders will be made aware of any information that might help you in the event of an emergency. This information might include medical needs, emergency contacts, specifics about your home, pets, and/or vehicles.  Click here to view a Power Point presentation about what this service offers and how you can sign up.
To apply for a temporary handicapped parking placard, which is issued for six months, you must:

Download and complete the Temporary Placard Application or visit a local, municipal police department to obtain the application.
Have a qualified medical practitioner certify that you are qualified for a temporary placard; see Qualifications for medical certification information.
Submit the completed application to a municipal police department with a check or money order made payable to “NJ MVC” in the amount of $4.00.  NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED
After review and upon approval by the Chief of Police, the Records Bureau will issue your temporary placard.


DO NOT SUBMIT the payment or the completed application to the MVC

How to Obtain a Permanent Placard or Plates

Complete the Persons with Disability Placards/Plates Application.
Follow the directions at the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Website.
These placards and plates are NOT issued by the Chester Police Department.