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Instructions For Firearms Applicants

The Chester Police Department no longer distributes paperwork related to firearms applications. The State of New Jersey has developed an on-line portal for processing all firearms applications. Applicants should submit their applications via the Firearms Application and Registration System (F.A.R.S.) by clicking the link below.

The Chester Police Department ORI to be used by Chester residents ONLY is: NJ0140700

Within 7 business days of submitting the FARS application online, YOU MUST visit the Chester Police Department with a copy of your photo ID & payment. Exact change or check (written out to Chester Township) only.  If payment is not received, it will result in a processing delay of your application. 

The applicant MUST enter their “Official Name.” They cannot utilize simplified versions of their names such as ”Joe” for Joseph. Please ensure that correct cell phone numbers and Email addresses are provided so that we may contact you for any missing information and for pick-up.

Your name must be exactly as it appears on your government issued document (i.e. driver’s license). Note: If your information does not match, you will need to re-apply. Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Enter your CURRENT personal information as listed on your driver’s license. If your driver’s license is NOT updated, please enter your information as listed on another official government identification. Updating your driver’s license is recommended for a successful NICS check. You MUST LIST YOUR CURRENT LEGAL NAME. If your current legal name does NOT have a suffix, DO NOT ADD a suffix in this application. If your last name changed due to marriage, YOU MUST ALSO LIST your MAIDEN name.

If you are applying for an initial firearms identification card, after completing the FARS application, you will be required to make an appointment for your fingerprints to be processed. Instructions will be provided on the confirmation page. You have 90 days from the date of application to have your fingerprints processed. Failure to do so will result in your application being automatically withdrawn from the FARS system and it will be necessary to reapply.

Any errors in the information entered may result in a delay in your background investigation and issuance of your Firearms ID Card and/or Permit to Purchase a Handgun.

 If you have resided outside of NJ within the last 10 years, you must also complete a Consent for Mental Health Records Search [sp-66] Form.  Once completed, this form must be forwarded to the Records Bureau by e-mail (, regular mail (Chester Police Department, Attn Records Bureau, 1 Parker Road, Chester NJ 07930) or dropped off in person at police headquarters.

Once processing for the E-FID card has been completed & approved, you will receive an E-MAIL from the NJSP with a link to your E-FID card.  You MUST print, save, and/or screenshot your card.  You have a limited amount of time to retrieve your new card – it is recommended you complete this step immediately upon approval. If the link expires you will need to re-apply.

Once processing for the E-permit(s) has been completed you will be notified via E-Mail from the NJSP as to whether your application was approved or denied.  If the permit(s) were approved, you may proceed with your purchase.

The fee for a new Firearms ID card is $5.00 and each Firearms Permit is $2.00.

The Chester Police Department is UNABLE to provide updates on the status of an application.

If there are any additional questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact Lt. Ron Totams at the Chester Police Department at 908-879-5514 Ext. 852 or by email at

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here: