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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released the revised preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) and Flood Insurance Study (FIS)  for Morris County in February of 2016 and a subsequent revision in August of 2017. The proposed changes on the FIRM’s may result in the addition or modification of Special Flood Hazard Areas, the areas that would be inundated by the base (1% annual chance) flood; base flood elevations or depths; zone designation; or regulated floodways.

FEMA’s 90-day Appeal Process has begun for the Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS).  This period runs from February 15th to May 15, 2018Flood Hazard Determination Notices have been sent to municipal officials and public notification concerning the appeal process were placed in local papers on two separate dates. As per the notice dated February 8th and 15th 2018 posted in the Daily Record and Observer-Tribune, residents and property owners have through May 15th 2018 to file an appeal.

Digital versions of the maps can be viewed at; this website also provides a search function for specific addresses.

Or you can download the GIS files from the FEMA Map Service Center (search for your community, look under “Preliminary Products” and download the “Preliminary FIRM Database”.)

Once finalized and adopted, these maps will be used to determine if flood insurance is required and the rates that residential and commercial property owners will pay to the National Flood Insurance Program. The maps will also be utilized when reviewing development plans and enforcing floodplain management regulations.  For more information on the adoption process see our Map Adoption webpage.

The flood insurance rate maps currently in effect are 24-45 years old. Given their long-standing impact, the County encourages municipalities and property owners to take this rare opportunity to review, and if necessary, comment on the revised preliminary maps.

If you are interested in looking at the FIRM mapping or have any questions please contact Ryan Conklin, Chester Township’s Planning and Zoning Administrator at or 908-879-5100 ext.823. You can access the following information online:

Static Preliminary FIRM 

Interactive Preliminary FIRM

Morris County Change Maps for Chester Township

Public Notice

Appeal Process

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