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The NJDEP has recently updated its stormwater regulations for the State of New Jersey.  As part of this update, the NJDEP is requiring that each municipality update its own stormwater ordinance to comply with their new standards.  Each municipality must adopt this ordinance by March 2, 2021. 

These regulations will affect any project that cumulatively results in more than a 1 acre of disturbance, or generates 1/4 acre of new impervious surface since February 2, 2004.  Any affected project will be required to comply with the stormwater control guidelines and incorporate Green Infrastructure as outlined in the ordinance. 

We have included a copy of the NJDEP draft ordinance for your review and consideration.  Residents considering land development projects should be aware of these new regulations, and should be prepared to comply with them starting on March 2, 2021 should their project be affected.  For a project to be considered under the current regulations, it must be submitted and considered a complete application in accordance with the guidelines of the ordinance before March 2, 2021.

Here is the NJDEP’s website: 

Here is the link to the ordinance:

Here is a link to the FAQ:

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