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Given all the rainy weather we’ve had lately, we thought we’d remind residents about Athletic Field use and Weather Guidelines in Chester Township parks.

Chester Township Athletic Field Use and Weather Guidelines

For the safety of the players and to avoid costly field repairs please refer to the guidelines below to know when it is not appropriate or safe to use Township athletic fields and open grass areas.  

These areas will be considered unplayable if the following conditions exist either upon entering the area or during the course of the activity.

  1. The field has not yet been open or has been closed for the “season.”
  2. There is snow or ice or significant heavy frost on the playing surface.
  3. Ponding of water on the surface of the field.
  4. Water sponging up around one’s feet when walking on or around the perimeter of the field.
  5. Unsafe weather conditions such as lightning, thunderstorms, high winds.

Factors to be considered include:
1.  Safety of participants and spectators.
2.  Possibility of liability through accident or injury.
3.  Expense of field repair and maintenance and possibility of field becoming unusable and taken out of play.

If a group ignores “UNPLAYABLE” condition:
1.  Coach and/or organization will be responsible for compensating the Township of Chester for field repairs due to damage from negligence or abuse to the facility.
2.  Coach and/or organization could be banned from future use of any athletic facility.
3.  Coach and/or organization could be held liable and responsible for accidents or injuries incurred due to unsafe conditions.

Thunder & Lightning Procedure 
1.  If you can hear thunder you are within striking distance of lightning.
2.  At the first clap of thunder or sighting of lightning, clear the field immediately and go inside a substantial building or hard-topped vehicle.
3.  Wait 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder or sighting of lightning before resuming any activities.
4.  If a 30 minute period of clear weather with no thunder or lightning cannot be reached within one hour, the game and team officials should consult on postponement or cancellation.
5.  Please visit for detailed brochures on lightening safety.

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