Chester Township
1 Parker Road
Chester, New Jersey 07930


All documents regarding the Black River Fields can be viewed in this shared folder.

Documents regarding the Black River Fields include:
– FAQs (updated 1/14/21)
– appraisal of Black River Fields (updated 6/14/19)
– lease to purchase contract for Black River Fields
– 2019 Application for the Morris County Space Trust Fund (added 6/17/19)
– Testing results:
        Phase II Environmental Assessment (Soil Test Results)
        Phase I Environmental Assessment
        Water Test Report
        Septic Inspection Report
        Existing Irrigation Well Testing Report (added 3/15/19)
        Well Yield Test Report (added 5/18/21)
– Engineering Information:
        Wetlands Delineation
        Survey and metes and bounds description
        Hydrogeologic Evaluation (added 1/31/19)
        Conceptual Site Plan – Phases 1, 2A, 2B, 3 (added 3/18/19)
        Synthetic Turf Concept Plan 01-14-20 (added 1/24/20)
– Highlands Exemption Application:
         Amended Highlands Exemption Plan (added 8/5/19)
         2020 Highlands Exemption Application (added 5/7/20)
– Quotes for Irrigation Well Test and Installation (added 11/12/19)

Agendas and Minutes

– Black River Fields Subcommittee Agendas
– Black River Fields Subcommittee Approved Minutes