Chester Township
1 Parker Road
Chester, New Jersey 07930

From JCP&L:

“JCP&L announces that we will be conducting vegetation management in area served by the Peapack and Tewksbury substations.   Below please find a list of the streets where we will be doing tree removals. 

This work is part of our Reliability Plus program pending before the BPU.  This is not the normal cycle work, rather it is to target hazard and ash trees that threaten our wires on the main parts of the circuits for removal.

In addition to our normal trimming, we will be seeking to remove overhanging limbs in zone 2 of our circuits, pending approval of the BPU for our Reliability Plus program.  We currently seek to remove overhang in Zone 1, which is from the substation to the first protective device (i.e. fuse, breaker, recloser).  Zone 2 is from that device to the end of the 3 phase portion of the circuits.  Streets where we will be targeting overhang removal are indicated under the 3 Phase column with a “YES.”

Our contractor will be contacting customers on these streets.  The work is set to commence in January.”

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