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To schedule a septic inspection, call Ferriero Engineering, 908-879-6209. Septic inspections are handled by Joe Kosinski, PG, CFM,LEED AP.

Effective 7/21/22 per Board of Health Ordinance No. 2022-01 of The Township of Chester the following septic fees are in effect: 

TYPE OF APPLICATION                  

Witnessing of Soil Logs: New Construction, Expansion, Repair or Alteration - Non-refundable application fee $25. Witnessing/Review/Inspection fee $200.00 per lot per day.                  

Individual Sewage Disposal System, New Construction, Alteration for Expansion - Non-refundable application fee $50.00. Witnessing/Review/Inspection fee $900.00.

Individual Sewage Disposal System, Alteration without Expansion - Non-refundable application fee $50.00. Witnessing/Review/Inspection fee $800.00.

Repair of System: Tank, Line or D-Box - Non-refundable application fee $25.00. Witnessing/Review/Inspection fee $200.00.

Repair of System: Disposal Area - Non-refundable application fee $25.00. Witnessing/Review/Inspection fee $500.00.

Review of Zoning Permit Application - Non-refundable application fee $25.00. Witnessing/Review/Inspection fee $25.00.

Review of Revisions to Previously Approved Plans - No application fee. Witnessing/Review/Inspection fee      $100.00 per review.

Well Water

Residents using water from private wells are urged to have their water supply tested annually. 

Well and Septic Forms can be accessed here.

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Chester Township

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