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Trash and Recycling

Trash Information

Chester Township has created a municipal utility to serve as the payment mechanism for garbage collection. Blue Diamond will continue to provide this service. There will be a new payment system starting in Spring 2023. Click here for all the details. 

Trash Guidelines

  • Have all trash and/or recycling out by 6:00 a.m. the morning of pickup. Anything placed out later may not get picked up.
  • Any questions, or to report a missed pickup, please call Blue Diamond Disposal at 973-598-9800.

Excluded from pickup are auto parts, tires, hazardous materials, yard waste and items weighing over 200 pounds.

Latex paint can be disposed of as trash if dry. Please do not put cans with wet paint in the trash as paint may spill out on to roadways or lawns. Oil based paints are considered hazardous material and must be disposed of through the Morris County Hazardous Waste Facility. Call 973-829-8006 for additional information or visit the web site at

Pickup days

Trash will be picked up on Wednesdays, and recycling will be picked up on Fridays.

Trash Containers

Purchase only a 32-gallon trash can, which is the standard industry size. Do not use anything larger than this.

Recycling Information


Residents, please take care when putting out recyclables to ensure that they don’t blow away and cause a littering problem for the neighborhood.

Recycling guidelines here.


Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Save landfill space by giving your items a new purpose at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They accept: furniture, lumber, kitchen & bath cabinets, appliances, decorative hardware, doors, windows, lighting, paint & plumbing products.

Home Medical Waste Disposal
Some hazards of improperly disposing of home medical waste may infect other people who come in contact with trash, unwanted or expired medicines could be harmful to children and adults and if found in the trash may be stolen for unregulated use. Antibiotics poured down the drain can kill beneficial microbes and bacteria in septic systems. Click on “Home Medical Waste Disposal” (above title) for more information on where to properly dispose of home medical waste.

Household Hazardous Waste Facility
Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Disposal and/or recycling is easy and convenient. This facility is located on Gold Mine Road (off Route 206) in Mount Olive and is open on selected Tuesday (9:00-12:00), Friday (9:00-12:00) and Saturday (8:00-11:00) mornings. Please do not show up to the HHW Facility without first calling 973-829-8006 and making and appointment. Using the facility is available to Morris County residents and is also free of charge for most items. For more information about the materials accepted and not accepted please click on “Household Hazardous Waste Facility” (above in title). If you are not sure about a specific material and how to get rid of it please call 973-829-8006 for proper instructions. Some acceptable items are pesticides, oil-based paints, stains, antifreeze, motor oil, gasoline, pool chemicals, darkroom chemicals, computers and monitors, TV’s. Some unacceptable materials are latex paint, empty containers, tires, construction waste, medical waste and explosives.

Chester Township

1 Parker Road
Chester, NJ 07930

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