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Affordable Housing / Glenlora

Affordable housing is housing that is available to people who meet various income requirements. All municipalities throughout the state are required to enable, through their master plans and zoning ordinances, the development of affordable housing. This is due to a series of historic New Jersey Supreme Court decisions and legislative actions which date back to 1975. 

Like every other town in New Jersey, Chester Township has a constitutional mandate to provide affordable housing. Depending on the source, Chester Township has a current target to provide anywhere from 70 units to 180 units. We have always taken steps through the years to meet this obligation through the approval of group homes and collaboration with the county to rehab homes. In 2005 Chester Township purchased the former nursing home, Glenlora, with plans to develop it for affordable housing.

Click here to view documents and reports relating to affordable housing in general and the Glenlora site in particular.

Chester Township

1 Parker Road
Chester, NJ 07930

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